Ratio meaning in Hindi | Ratio ka kya matlab hota hai | daily use English words | ratio meaning

Ratio meaning in Hindi | Ratio ka kya matlab hota hai | daily use English words

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Ratio meaning in Hindi | Ratio ka kya matlab hota hai | daily use English words

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इस वीडियो में आप Ratio का हिंदी में मतलब समझेंगे और साथ में Ratio का pronunciation भी सीखेंगें यानि की आप Ratio के अर्थ के साथ साथ ये भी सीखेंगें की Ratio को कैसे बोले या Ratio को बोलने का सही तरीका क्या है |
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असफल आदमी का दिमाग उससे काम लेता है और सफल आदमी दिमाग से काम लेता है |
करोड़ो लोगों को अमीर बनाने वाली ये किताबें जो आपको भी अमीर बना सकती हैं :

तो बस एक मिनट में सीखिए Ratio को|
Let’s learn Hindi Meaning of Ratio in detail.

Ratio का हिंदी में अर्थ होता है
अनुपात, संबंध, भाग, परिमाण
Ratio को इन उदाहरणों से और अच्छे से समझ सकते हैं
The ratio of men to women was two to one.
महिलाओं के लिए पुरुषों का अनुपात दो पर एक था।
The ratio of students to teachers was 30 to 1.
शिक्षकों के लिए विद्यार्थियों का अनुपात 30 पर 1 था।

ऐसी ही और वीडियो के लिए चैनल के होम पेज पर विजिट करें :
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Ratio meaning in Hindi | Ratio ka kya matlab hota hai | daily use English words

🔴 3 Minutes! Financial Ratios \u0026 Financial Ratio Analysis Explained \u0026 Financial Statement Analysis

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Financial Ratio Analysis Explained in 3 minutes
Sometimes it’s not enough to simply say a company is in \”good or bad\” health…
To make it easier to compare a company’s health with other companies, we have to put numbers on this health, so that we can compare these numbers with the numbers of other companies… So now… how do we use numbers to assess company health? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZZFBkbC2lA This is where Financial Ratios come in…
Very common types of financial ratios are Liquidity Ratios, Profitability Ratios, and Leverage Ratios. Liquidity Ratios can tell us how easily a company can pay its debts… so that the company doesn’t get eaten up by banks or other creditors. An example of this is the Current Ratio… This tells us how much of your company’s stuff can be easily changed into cash within the next 12 months so that it can pay debts which need to be paid also within 12 months. The higher your current ratio is, the less risky a situation your company is in.
Now moving on… Profitability Ratios can tell us how good a company is at making money. An example of this is the Profit Margin Ratio. This tells us how much profit your company earns compared to your company’s sales. Normally, a higher number is better; because you want to earn more profit for every $1 of sales that you get.
And finally, what about Leverage Ratios? These can tell us how much debt the company is using to make the company run and stay alive. An example of this is the simple Debt Ratio. This tells us how much % of a company’s assets are paid for by debt. Normally, a company is considered \”safer\” when the debt ratio is low. Note that this was just a very simple overview. There are a lot more financial ratios \u0026 many different ways of using them; plus a lot of problems and disadvantages in using them as well. Would you like to SUPER easily learn more about many financial ratios with even deeper analysis \u0026 detail? Check out my FREE videos at MBAbullshit.com
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🔴  3 Minutes! Financial Ratios \u0026 Financial Ratio Analysis Explained \u0026 Financial Statement Analysis

Current Ratio – Meaning/Formula/Analysis/Interpretation

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Current Ratio is a ratio which shows the relationship between current assets and current Liabilities.
Objective The ratio is calculated to measure the capacity of the firm to pay its short term liabilities and to ascertain the short term financial strength of business. In simple terms,its objective is to measure the safety margin for short term creditors.
Components of current Ratio
1) Current Assets It means those assets which are usually converted into cash or consumed within short period (say 1 year).
2) Current Liabilities It means those liabilities which are required to be paid within short period (say 1 year).
Interpretation of Current Ratio Current Ratio indicates the liquidity of current assets or the ability of the business to meet its maturing current liabilities. High current ratio finds favour with short term creditors whereas low current ratio causes concern to them. An increase in the current ratio reflects improvement in the liquidity position of the firm.
Analysis of Current Ratio/ Current Ratio Analysis
This ratio is calculated by dividing the current assets with current liabilities.

Current Ratio - Meaning/Formula/Analysis/Interpretation

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Required Reserve Ratio: Definition \u0026 Formula

international Finance

Required Reserve Ratio: Definition \u0026 Formula

นอกจากการดูหัวข้อนี้แล้ว คุณยังสามารถเข้าถึงบทวิจารณ์ดีๆ อื่นๆ อีกมากมายได้ที่นี่: ดูวิธีอื่นๆธุรกิจ

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